Our lovely trip to St Edwards C of E in Rochdale

Yesterday saw us back into school for the first time since the summer holidays and although it's been a while Monty knew at 6am that it was a school day as he waited patiently by the front door. He enjoys his trips out so much that it only takes the slightest change in the usual routine for him to work out that he's off to see the 'mini hoomans'.

Despite it being the middle of September it was a very warm morning when we arrived in Rochdale even at 8.30am so plenty of Monty panting to come. We had a lovely welcome at the school and Monty was immediately very popular as he said hello to staff and pupils whilst demonstrating his best Newfy bum waggle.

The day started with an assembly for KS1 and their faces were a picture as they entered the hall with some fabulous smiles and gasps as they saw their special visitor. After being introduced I told the children a little about Monty and then asked if there were any questions, which there were, plenty.

I followed this by reading I'm not a Pandacow and the children listened really well and also joined in enthusiastically by finishing off the verses with squeals of 'Pandacow'.

We immediately did a second assembly for the KS2 children and this time opened up with a Q and A with lots of great questions. Inevitably I get asked about Monty as a puppy and it's always a very popular part of our visits. The fact that this fantastically behaved, relaxed and almost bomb proof dog was a naughty puppy always gets the children very interested. It is a great opportunity to highlight how much work goes into having a puppy, whatever the size. I then read the story again, and again this was very well received and beautifully listened to by the children.

We then had a break before each class returned to the hall to get the chance in small groups to come and say hello to Monty and this is always such a lovely part of the day. There is always such a variety of reactions from nervous to very excited and pretty much every emotion in between. As is his way Monty was loving, calm and patient throughout and I am always so proud of what a lovely example of the breed he is.

We left just as dinner tables were being set up and Monty certainly had the aroma of the days offerings in his nostrils as he was very much livelier as we left for the day. We'll be back sometime soon to sign books for those children who want one and there was also a certain amount of excitement at the thought of Cookie visiting with the next book in the series or even perhaps the Christmas book featuring the dogs.

Thank you St Edwards for a lovely morning spent with great staff and fabulous pupils.

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