Monty Dogge on duty...….Yes Sah!

On Sunday I was on duty at an official event for me charity Shoulder to Soldier. I love saying hello to all the old soldiers cos they were very brave and now they do great work in helping others. My job is pretty easy, I go along and look handsome...I have to take dad but we usually get away with that by just taking pics of me and just his legs - which are covered up so not too bad.

I was really good at the event....I didn't slobber on the Mayor....I didn't knock any older hoomans over....I didn't bark when the another doglet that was there barked at me. I didn't even do anything when I was sat next to the bugley lady who played the last post.

It did all go a bit banana shaped when the food got served at the end though and dad thought it was a good time for us to leave....Me not so. Have you ever seen a chubby hooman dragging a 13 stone doglet along who's acting like a pandadonkey? No? Well you need to come to more of our events then.

Shoulder to Soldier are an amazing charity who's motto of 'Action not words' is exactly what they are all about. They really help ex service personnel and their families. This is on the ground 'real' help and every penny they receive gets spent in the right way. You can find out more about them at

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