Monty the Lintbells Instagram model

As you may remember we won a little award last year. We were voted one of the top 10 pet blogs in the UK and we were very pleased and proud. Well since then we have been inundated by companies wanting to give us stuff and for us to review their products. From day 1 we decided that we wouldn't take a penny from companies as we never wanted to be 'bought' and secondly we'd only do stuff with companies that we thought offered a good product and that it would be interesting to our friends and followers.

We are really happy to announce that Monty has been asked to become a Lintbells Instagram model and we've accepted. He has been on YuMOVE for a while now and we feel it has really helped him so it was an obvious one when they asked. Basically it means that he will be one of the faces of Lintbells while we are both happy with the arrangement.

The exciting thing is that they have given us a code for anybody who wants to use it from the group and it gets you 25% off everything just put MONTYDOG25 in at the checkout and it should work fine.

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