A poem about the learning zoo

My visit to the Learning Zoo

When we go and visit the learning zoo It's my favourite thing we ever do I get excited and wait by the door So dad packs the car the night before

He thinks I won't work out where we're going But a newfydoof's job is always knowing So try your tricks you won't fool me By that front door is where I'll be

Sometimes we travel really far But I love my journeys in the car I get to snooze while dad complains About roadworks on the M6 again

Arriving early is always the plan Finding space to park if we possibly can Then time for a walk before we start But you all know this ain't my favvyreet part

Then exercise over time for work to begin So we head to the entrance to get signed in Suddenly hoomans appear from everywhere Taking piccies of me for an Instagram share

Mini hoomans with faces shocked and excited Wide-eyed and wide-smiled but mostly delighted They're ushered away so we can set up While they just can't wait to see more of this pup

Assembly is soon and they file in and sit All squashed up in rows so they'll manage to fit Pointing and chatting as the teachers say 'shush' and when all is quiet they introduce us

Then it's over to dad and his to time to speak and that is my signal to lay down for a sleep I can snore through assembly and usually do but people sleeping when dad talks is not really new

Then it's open for questions and it's most about me Well come on be honest, why wouldn't they be? How much does he weigh? and how old is he now? And is he really a Pandacow?

When it's time for the story they love to join in and I know that that they want me, the hero, to win When I find out what I am you can see they are pleased and they smile when I say that I'm no longer teased

One thing at the end that they all want to do Is come up and stroke this hooge 'Pandacoo' In lines they all wait to take turns for a fuss

and that's almost the end of the session for us

Still time though to look for some toast dropped and missed or a teacher I haven't yet managed to kiss Then it's off home to Wigwam and back to the crew But soon we'll be back to our next learning zoo.....

Poet Newfiette Monty da Dogge.

If you'd like info about our free learning zoo visits contact montynewf@googlemail.com....just make sure there are treats


©  2017 Monty Dogge created and copyrighted