Like a celebrity? Seriously?

Yesterday morning I went out for a drive with dad. We had gone to deliver some books to a learning zoo somewhere. Now I know the story would be complete if I told you where I was but to be honest I just sleep, we arrive and I do my thang. Anyways we was in a place that I know wasn't wigwam cos the hooman men were wearing long trousers and shoes. We went to the learning zoo and then dad found this really nice park to go for a walk. The sun was out I met lots of licckle doglets who wanted, for some reason to lick me face and also a hooman who gave me a biccie.....I now have his smell in me montybase and will find him next time we're there. Anyways back to the story. We was walking by the woods and all of a sudden we saw a group of mini hoomans all dressed in bright yellow tops so they could be spotted easier....I don't know why they do this after all how could you NOT know a mini hooman is there. When they saw me they all started calling my name....Monty Monty.....and before I knew it I was surrounded and getting fussed by a sqwillion shorty ones. Evidentiary we had been to their learning zoo last year so they all knew me.....the hooman teachery lady said..'haha' It's like your a celebrity'......What do you mean LIKE a celebrity? What's the definition? Walking through the park in a town where you don't live and you're suddenly mobbed.....I think you'll find Monty Dogge fits the description thank you very much. Well there wasn't much bark rubbing done yesterday that's for sure......Like a celebrity....huh......


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