A new superhero is born....introducing Pooglove

On Friday mum and dad were away and so we went out for a walk with poobag and her hooman sister Rebecca the wrecker. Now as you know the whole walking thing is overrated in my opinion, but from time to time I like to let them fink that they've won and allow meself to get dragged around for an hour or so.

Now I know you hoomans enjoy me number two stories so I fort I'd share this with you. I did me deed as you do and I must say I like to drop licckle pressies in intervals cos it makes it more interesting for the hoomans. Poobag followed the trail and collected them all in her plastic bag and dropped them in the bin. Now at some point her supply of black poopwrappers must have fallen out of her pocket but I swear I didn't know....That had no bearing on the fact I fort I'd add to me collection a licckle further on our drag. Drop drop droppety drop and me hooman cleanerupper confidently reached inside her pocket for her bag but....no bag...Other pocket? No, no bag. Oopsey now we seemed to have a problem cos you can't leave newfypoo on the path so there was only one thing for it. A lovely new glove was produced and our superhero collected the offending articles. All poopey doops were picked up and taken to the bin. The gloves weren't even wasted cos she turned them inside out and took them home to wash. So peoples we have our new superhero....Pooglove....Marvel comics are bound to be in touch soon....Na na na na na na na na, na na na na na na na na, POOGLOVE


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