Tricked by hooman did he do that?

I feel a little embaryarsed today to be honest. I'm going to say this very quietly and only once cos today I got Dad.....Yes you heard right but it won't happen again...I promise.

Well at walkies time there was no sign of dad...Poobag and the wrecker were there wiv pipsqueak in her toddlercar fingy but no dad. This could only mean one fing, he was going somewhere without me....somewhere really exciting, there may be food even. That was it I couldn't possibly go for a walk when there was so much fun to be had so I decided I'd stay and see where we were going.

We got out of the house and I went straight into Montydonkey mode...bum planted and that was over poobag. Well she tried....for about five minutes but I wasn't missing out on a trip wiv dad so Pandacowbehind stayed glued to the paveyment. Then all of a sudden dad appeared ready for the walk and said 'come on them Monts!'....Oh well I must have been wrong so off we went for a walk.

Well this is where I got tricked cos when we got to the top of the road dad had disappeared. Now I got it, he'd just walked across the road and nipped back to fool me and go on the fantastic trip....which actually turned out to be him Jetwashing the back garden....Oh well I didn't miss much after all but getting outwitted by someone so witless is summat I will find hard to put behind me....I need yo up me game me finks.


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