Monty the baddie detector dog?

Anybody who knows Monty and has followed his story since he was a 7 week old puppy will know he's a very public dog. Since a very tender age he has been introduced to the world in lots of very busy settings and has throughout this time been an absolute star. He has been petted, cuddled and photographed by literally thousands of people at events such as Crufts and the Edinburgh Fringe as well as being a regular visitor to schools both mainstream and specialist.

In all of that time he has barked at an individual just four times. This comes in the form of Monty standing up and letting out a series of 'warning' barks that clearly say 'that's close enough'. In each case there has been no commonality other than they were all male. There was no clothing or headgear that would give alarm. No noises, shouts or outward threat. On each occasion Monty returned back to greeting people normally without being phased at all, not spooked or nervous. The thing that makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck is that on each occasion I found out afterwards that the individual involved was potentially a threat. I choose my words carefully because in two cases the individuals were out and out wrong uns but in the other two there was a more complicated story.

So how did he know? In one case the man approached the table where we were collecting for the Poppy appeal as hundreds had that day.....He seemed friendly, nothing at all outward until he had left when the person I was collecting with told me about him.

Is this a superpower and should Monty be working for Scotland Yard as a baddie detector dog?

Do you have a similar story, I'd love to hear.


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