Me first trip to Landgate School

Yesterday we had our first trip to Landgate school. This is where I am the resident orffer and dad is my assistant. We was there all day which meant we was there at lunchtime. I am going to like my time here cos they brought dad a sammich for his dinner and I got a whole bowl of Tuna to even had a lid wiv a paw print on. The mini hoomans enjoyed us being there....well me really.

Some of them had a Storytime, some asked questions and some just wanted to sit on the floor wiv me and have cuddles. It is a specialist place for mini hoomans wiv Autism and I had to ask dad what that was. He just said that it meant that they just thought about stuff differently to others. Well that's good then cos most hoomans fink stoopid stuff like killing all the animals and being horrible to each uvver.....I fink I'm going to enjoy my time at Landgate School....I like different......


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