Get well soon Cookie!

We visited St Paul C of E school in Wigan on Thursday. It had been arranged a while ago as the official launch of the Christmas book. St Pauls is a school we love visiting and it's our third trip there, twice with Monty and once with Cookie.

I rang them on Wednesday to say I would still be coming but needed to leave at lunchtime and explained what had happened with Cookie.

I read the book to each year group one after the other and was absolutely blown away when a child from each group came up and gave me their good wishes for Cookie.

I learnt afterwards that as soon as the children heard that Cookie had hurt her leg they wanted to do something to let her know they were thinking of her.

Well you can imagine how moving it was and such a beautiful and genuine gesture. I know we hear so much about the horrible things in the world I thought I'd share with you the innocent love and warmth of children towards Cookie.


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