Our continuing story with the Furbo

You may remember that we trialled the Furbo camera at home with our dogs earlier in the year. Initially I was sceptical and wondered if it would just be another gadget but soon really enjoyed using it. We are very lucky in the fact that that we don't have to leave our dogs very often at all as someone is usually in, but even for us the Furbo has given us some great reassurance when we are out of the house.

Obviously Furbo has the great features of remote treat dispensing and the ability to listen and talk to with your pups, but just the camera alone is superb. It has given us real peace of mind when we do have to go out for any length of time that everything is ok.

The treat dispensing was again something that I was dubious about because I thought it would just unsettle the dogs. I was very wrong because even with our three crazy spaniels they settled very quickly after the excitement of a five minute treat hunt. They soon became accustomed to the small sound it makes prior to the release of the treats and it was great fun to watch them enjoy finding their rewards.

The sound option also gives you the chance to speak to them and I found that seemed to have a calming effect on them and they did settle again very quickly. We also had some great success using the Furbo while still in the house. The spaniels like most dogs go crazy when the postman appears down the street so I tried an experiment where I released treats before the barking began and it worked really well. Obviously I had the advantage of seeing the postman before the dogs but I could then reward them from a different room for being calm. After three days they began to associate his arrival with treat time and we have a much calmer trio of spaniels.....Now just to work on Monty.

Furbo has also had some great success working with Battersea dogs home and dogs with separation anxiety and I have posted the links to these wonderful little stories below. This may be useful information for those of you dealing with anxious dogs at home or in the workplace.



As you know with all of our reviews we never recommend anything that we don't like using ourselves but we love the Furbo as an additional tool to give you peace of mind or as a fun training aid.

Currently and up until Christmas the Furbo is on special offer at £129 which for a very solid piece of kit (which also looks good) is a very good price. The link is below and happy viewing.



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