Cookie, 7 days post op

It's been a week today since Cookie underwent surgery for her ruptured cruciate ligament and thankfully there is very little to report. She has now finished some of the medication she had on discharge and now it's more pain relief and anti inflamatories. She is very settled, albeit obviously bored and each days sees her more mobile which brings a new challenge.

Cookie has always been very active and athletic so keeping calm and quiet isn't her thing. Her and Monty are like the proverbial chalk and cheese when it comes to exercise so while he would rather vegetate on the couch Cookie is always keen for a walk....any walk. That being said she has been an amazing patient and whilst I realise that a lot of this has been due to her uncomfortable injury I also think she 'get's it'. We are trying to give her as much company as possible and luckily working from home does really help and I have taken no school work on until she's recovered. We play games, she has the snuffle mat which she loves and there are also Kong's to add some interest to an otherwise tedious day.

In terms of recovery she is progressing nice and slowly and you can see more movement and mobility each day. I booked her appointment with our own vet today for next Thursday to have her staples out and to check the wound. Two days after that she can begin short lead walks and she is going to love getting back out again.

We had the first invoice today and with still no word from the insurance company it is a little worrying but there should be absolutely no reason for them to have an issue with her diagnosis and treatment so for now we keep our fingers crossed that they are a company we will be able to recommend, which would be refreshing.

Thank you so much for all of the messages and good wishes it's very kind and very much appreciated. I'm sure she'll soon be making Monty's life 'interesting' again very soon.


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