Well it was all going too well wasn't it?

My last blog feature was obviously very premature. I'd said that there was very little to report as it was all going very smoothly. Cookie had other ideas though and on Friday morning we heard her yelp and on going into her room found blood on the floor and a split in the wound where the staples once were.

We found four or five staples on the floor and there was an open wound about 2 inches long. A frantic call to the Teaching hospital at Liverpool University followed and about 20 minutes later the resident vet called us back. He advised bathing the wound with warm salty water and then contacting our own vet when they opened as they would be able to deal with it easily enough.

By 9am we were in the surgery and were seen straight away. After looking at the wound our vet was reluctant to re-staple as it would be painful and need sedation and he didn't want her to go through that again.

He advised sticking it together with glue and doing some laser treatment.

By 9.30 we were home with Cookie and settled her back down. Even though she has hardly been left alone and not touched the wound at all she had managed somehow to burst the wound so we decided to set a camera up so that we could watch her through the night as well. She has worn the cone of shame at all times when left on her own but we think she stretched, probably trying to scratch and over stretched the wound.

Now that she is much more mobile and seems almost pain free you can see her movement is much improved and I guess she was too active for the staples.

The wound has thankfully healed very nicely and there is no sign of redness or infection. She is due to have the staples out on Thursday and can go for a light walk on Saturday but in the mean time we are watching her very, very closely.


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