Cookie's recovery journey has a few bumps in the road

After the recent scare when Cookie managed to pop a few staples things had calmed down nicely. Last Thursday was the scheduled appointment with our own vet to check the wound and remove the remaining staples. The wound was looking nice and clean albeit a little open but it looked nicely healed. The staples which seemed to pop out quite easily when put under the force of a heffalump all of sudden decided they were comfortable where they were when faced with a vet bearing a staple removing tool. It took four people - one holding, one moving important newfy bits out of the way, a torch holder and a vet impersonating a car mechanic performing an under car inspection to finally rid her of her metalwork.

All of this prodding and poking though had left the wound a little red and sore so Cookie was given a burst of laser treatment and some silver cream for the wound and we booked an appointment for a week later.

Saturday saw her taking her first walk since the operation and although it was only ten minutes you could see her spirits visibly raise, released from her 'prison'. She was down for a maximum of three 10 minute walks a day but we stuck with two as you could see she was tired and as the day went on she got stiffer. We have continued that and she has improved daily and looked more sure on her leg as time went on.

The wound was looking good and everything looked on schedule when yesterday evening all of a sudden Cookie was sick. She was still on the Metacam once a day so it's something we've been keeping an eye out for. Last night, overnight she was very restless and Dawn watched her most of the night as this was something different and bloat is always that worry at the back of your mind. This morning when checking the wound it had a small area that was inflamed and weepy. I rang Liverpool first thing and managed to speak to Tom the vet who asked if we could get her back over this afternoon.

After swabbing the area it looks like it's only a surface infection and we got cream and a follow up appointment for next week. She was sick again after we got home but thankfully so far today she has been ok. Hopefully she just had a bit of an upset stomach and that it's a coincidence. Obviously the other explanation is a reaction the Metacam but either way we're keeping a close eye on her.


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