A New bed for the Spaniels...

This year Molly turns 13 and with Poppy and Bailey no spring chickens we thought it was time to get them a new bed. Despite spending a lot of time on the sofas in the conservatory they do love cuddling up together in their bed.

Looking at the Scruffs range of beds we had plenty of choice, and we really wanted something nice and comfortable for them so went with the Chateau Orthopaedic bed. This particular bed uses memory foam for dogs needing extra support for their joints so this looked like a perfect fit. It also has memory foam side walls for extra support and to protect from drafts.

We decided on the X large size which measures 90x70x16 cm and should be perfect for three Cocker Spaniels who love to stay close to each other. There was also a choice of colour which wasn't too much of an issue for me but Dawn was delighted the Latte would fit in with the décor. I'm sure Molly, Poppy and Bailey would have gone for that colour too so everybody was happy.

No matter what colour or design the test was always going to be the reaction of the dogs when the bed arrived. We left their other bed down as we genuinely wanted them to vote with their paws and if they could have managed a claws up this bed would have definetly achieved that. The instantly loved it and have been together in there from the instant we put it down for them.

Molly has taken herself off to the old bed a few times for a break from Bailey's snoring but she's soon back and it is certainly a hit. I think as you can see from the picture that the three amigo's love their new Scruffs bed and I'm sure they will be very comfortable for a long time to come.....Now do they do a Monty sized one?

For more information and to see the Scruffs range of beds go

to https://www.petslovescruffs.com/


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