Monty and the Professional it's not a book title...yet.

The sharp-eyed football fans reading this may have noticed that the picture below is that of footballer Eric Lichaj reading a bedtime story to his girls. Even non-followers of the beautiful game may remember a story that went viral after Eric scored two goals that helped Nottingham Forest knock Arsenal out of the FA cup third round last season.

Eric had been trying unsuccessfully, to persuade wife Kathryn that the family needed a dog when she finally relented, but only if he scored a hat-trick. Her thinking was that in the position he played he'd only usually maybe score one a season so she was pretty safe.

That all changed in the game against Arsenal when he not only scored his brace, but his second goal was so spectacular that it was voted by BBC viewers as the goal of the tournament.

The publicity surrounding his fantastic performance enabled him to slip into an interview his desire for a dog. All of a sudden social media went crazy supporting his wish for a family pet. There was ultimately very little Kathryn could do and of course the outcome was a new addition to the family and 'Gunner' duly arrived....of course that's what he was going to be called.

After following the story on social media you could just tell what a lovely family they were and I contacted Kathryn to say I'd like to send them a copy of 'I'm not a Pandacow' for the girls as they were obviously huge dog lovers. After all this, is a book about a huge dog so I was sure it would be a massive hit (that's it, puns over I promise).

Well the girls loved the book and we stayed connected with Kathryn and Eric via social media. Eric moved from Nottingham Forest to Hull City where he has been instrumental in their excellent season which has seen their steady rise up the championship.

Though a professional international footballer Eric comes across as a very grounded and decent guy, and both he and Kathryn obviously have great taste as they have all of the books, and as you can see the girls love hearing dad reading all of Monty's exploits to them.

We obviously wish Eric success for the rest of the season and look forward to seeing what the girls think of Monty and the Ocean Rescue....coming soon.


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