Bailey's story. Our fundraiser this Christmas

Bailey came into welfare a month ago at 11 months old, he had a limp on his front paw, his owner said it started 2 days before we collected him, when he arrived at his new home they found a sore on his paw, we thought that might be the problem but when he was taken to the vet he wasn't convinced and arranged x-rays. The results came back and a junior vet said there was no elbow dysplasia but he had hip dysplasia he gave pain medication and ordered rest for the front leg. A couple of weeks later the front leg was worse not better, so he was taken back to the vets, the senior vets confirmed he does have elbow dysplasia and was sending the x-rays through to specialists, they phoned and advised more painkillers and rest for 6 weeks, easier said than done with a 12 month pup! If he's still lame then they will discuss what to do next.

Welfare agreed straight away to help with the vets bills as insurance wont pay out as it was present at the start of the policy, I have decided to fundraise to help pay the bill's, we know he's going to need surgery and the bill's will be large especially if he needs an implant so I really would appreciate if you could donate to Bailey's treatment. Donations can be made on the Northern Newfoundland Club homepage by clicking the donate button and writing Bailey in the message box. You can also donate via our Paypal (family and friends option please)

I'm doing a Boxing Day dip in the chilly North Sea and I'm looking for sponsors too, the payment can be made the same way.

Michelle Jenkins welfare Co-ordinator Northern Newfoundland Club.


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