Cookie continues to improve

A very quick update on Cookie. Quick, because it's pretty boring and we're all very thankful about that. Just over six weeks post-op and she's continuing to improve.

She's now on Three 15 minute walks a day and she is hardly limping at all, particularly after she's been resting, which she was before. She is now having more access in the house albeit still supervised and no sofa's or stairs.

She is still separate from Monty at night but the past few days she's been spending some time in the garden, but again only in restricted areas but this is making her very happy. She loves sitting out there watching the birds flying past and listening to the noises from the lake.

She is back at Liverpool on the 27th Of this month for x-rays and then hopefully she will be discharged and we can start hydrotherapy.

The insurance company -The Insurance Emporium have been very good to deal with and all of the claims submitted have been paid quickly obviously minus the excess.


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