Happy Birthday Monty - Nine Today

Well nine years ago a cute little Black and White puppy entered our lives and changed them forever. A few months later we started Life according to Monty Dogge and from then on it's been a bit of a whirlwind. How else to celebrate his buffday but with one of his poems looking back at when...I were a pup.

When I were a pup I don’t remember too much

Then two hoomans came in for a look and a touch

They were new ones to me, never seen these before

And me mum Newfydoofed them as they came through the door

They seemed to be shocked, I thought they might run

But they seemed to enjoy it, me new dad and mum

Though I didn’t know it they had come to see me

And the rest as they say is Monty Dogge history

At first they seemed unsure would it be me or another

They kept picking us up, me and me brother

But then all of a sudden me feet stayed off the floor

And we all started heading towards the front door

It was a car we got in but I was just a mere baby

And I got pretty scared about where they would take me

Then all of a sudden everything started to whizz past

I clung on to me new mum cos the outside moved fast

At last we arrived at the place they called home

And I’m not scared to say that I felt all alone

I shouldn’t have worried cos when I walked in

There were dangly eared doglets making a mighty din

I had never seen ears that hooge or so flappy

And they ran round in circles, they seemed really happy

That changed though when I went over to say my hello’s

They growled and walked off they just didn’t want to know

Though these doglets were the same size as me

We seemed very diffyrent it was clear, you could see

I was worried cos my ears though big didn’t dangle

But dad said don’t worry Monts they are called Cockeyed spangles

Molly was grumpy she’d seen all this before

She used to be the only one, but not anymore

Then came Poppy she was orange and white

And her breath smelt real bad like she’d been eating……not very nice stuff

Bailey was the youngest not much older than me

And that was me new housemates…the mad wigwam three

They all joined together and picked on me a lot

So as I started growing they deserved what they got

If they annoyed me I’d just sit on their head

And try to eat they’re food too once I had been fed

But the funniest thing was to steal the toy they liked best

And watch as they jumped and reached just to me chest

Those days seem a way off a long time ago

But we can’t stay as babies we all have to grow

Though as I get older I know I’ve grown up

But I still like to remember when I were a pup


©  2017 Monty Dogge created and copyrighted