Monty and the Ocean Rescue goes to Mexico

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

With us hoping to see a lot of Marine life on our visit to Mexico I took some copies of Monty and the Ocean rescue to give as gifts. I gave one to a driver at the hotel who's daughter was crazy about dogs and wildlife. Another went back to the USA with a lovely couple we met on our Whale Shark trip.

Two went to a very tiny school in a Mayan village that we visited to distribute gifts and food essentials where hopefully we can develop a link to a school here in the UK.

When we visited Akumal to snorkel we were really impressed with Akumal Dive Shop who supplied us with equipment and a guide. It was really reasonable and the thing that really stood out was their passion and commitment for protecting the ocean and the marine life that it supports. We were amazingly lucky to see four turtles and two stingrays in the bay thanks to our guide. I decided to go back the next day and take them a book as thank you for all of the excellent work they are doing. It's only a small gesture but they were delighted, such a lovely business doing things the right way.


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