Monty doing me proud again

So proud of Monty again yesterday. We revisited the school we went to before Christmas. You may remember that it caters for children and young people on the autistic spectrum. Yesterday we pretty much spent all day seeing everyone in small groups. There was some stories, questions and also the chance to say hello to Monty which the children love. We were also treated to some story ideas some of the students had come up with for future books. These were all Monty inspired and featured him in settings such as helping James Bond, rescuing a Kitten in a tree with the Fire Brigade and also one with him actually based in Newfoundland.

The stories were amazing and also very moving because you could actually see how the children have enjoyed seeing Monty and how he has sparked so many lovely ideas.

When lunchtime arrived he was treated to his own packed Tuna dinner complete with his name and pawprint. Which was possibly his highlight of the day and ensured fishy kisses were given all afternoon.

Even though I spend so much time with the big fella as we visit schools and events I am still in awe of his patience and the limitless affection that he gives out all day, sometimes in challenging situations that certainly test that newfydoof temperament. #schoolvisits #authorsoftwitter #autismawareness #montydogge #newfoundland


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