Monty's Week in School

It was such a shame last weekend when we were unable to attend our first Dog Fest. Both Monty and Cookie had ear infections and though Monty was improving I really had to make a decision on Thursday to be fair to everyone and I wasn't happy with him attending such a big event if he wasn't 100%. We were due to feature in the big top with Noel Fitzpatrick and Clare Balding and I'm sure they were gutted that we couldn't make it 😉.

By Monday Monty was fighting (well strolling) fit and Cookie was pretty much there so our school visit went ahead. We went to a lovely school in Ormskirk, West end Primary where we did a really nice assembly and the children came back in small groups to listen to some stories and watch Monty sleep.

When we visit schools we try and hide it from the big fella because he gets so excited that he's bursting the door down from about 6am. We've tried various things including loading the car the night before but he always knows. Now the veteran of around 70 school visits he knows the routine and when he gets there he's raring to....snore through assembly. In all seriousness, he loves his work and anyone who knows Newfydoofs know how much they love a job.

On Wednesday we were off to Wolverhampton and although it was an early start we couldn't wait to spend some time on the M6, sorry I hate sarcasm....... St Johns Academy in Essington was our first destination and we couldn't have had a nicer welcome and they couldn't do enough for us.

The school has a hooge field and the first thing they said was to let Monty have a nice run on RUN? Well come on be fair they don't know him. He had a little trot, well until he noticed all of the nursery children who had gathered at the fence and that was enough to make him detour to show them some doofy love. We had a really nice time reading stories and answering lots of questions before we headed over to St Peter's Primary in Hednesford.

Once again we had a fabulous welcome and nothing was too much trouble when we arrived. We were a little early so Monty and I took the chance to just chill out underneath a tree on the cool grass as the teachers all came out to say hello to their important visitor....and me. We had a great time when we went in and the children's faces were a picture as they saw Monty and everyone had the chance to say hello to him after the stories.

It's fair to say that there was fair amount of snoring when we got back and Dawn assures me that Monty was also joining in. Thursday saw us off again and this time it was to St Peters Primary school in Bury. Once again we were so warmly welcomed by the staff and children and we did a whole school assembly before we visited the nursery children who sat wide eyed as they listened to Pandacow and Slobbernosserus while watching Monty and then giving him lots of cuddles.

Next week we are on our travels again and this time it's Cookies turn to visit a few schools and this will be her first since the op and I know she will absolutely love it....I also know the children will love her too.

I've never experienced anything as rewarding as seeing these amazing dogs give so much to children and hopefully shape our next generation to be caring and kind animal lovers.

Here's some pics from last weeks visits. If you're interested in a Free visit for your school we're taking bookings now for September and October. Just email us at


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