My Day trip to Beddgelert

I'm not ashamed to say that tonight Matthew I'm mainly going to be snoring. The hoomans have dragged me down to the whales to see the houseonwheels and make sure it hadn't blown away in the winter.

So mum pops to the shop.....I go for a walk wiv dad......Mum goes into the houseonwheels to check everything is ok......I go for a walk wiv dad See the pattern that's emerging here? Then we all go for a walk for flippin miles down by a river....I even went in I was so sleepy, I needed waking up...There was even a train that came past making a hooting noise and there was smoke coming out of it. All of the hoomans were waving at I look like I can wave?

I'd like to say that I'm counting sheep but I've seen that many today, lamb is definitely off me dream menu.

Anyways here's me looking handsome and adventurous don't you fink? If anyone needs me I'll be mainly looking at the inside of me eyelids.....#montydogge #lovewales #beddgelert


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