Ocean Revival 2020 book review

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

When the idea of Monty and the Ocean Rescue was first thought of I always wanted to make the book fun. I know with the seriousness of the topic that sounds a bit odd but I thought if we're going to get the message across to children they had to enjoy the story.

I also decided early on that I wanted to try and link in with the organisations that are out there really trying to make a difference. I began looking for charities and groups that weren't just involved but wanted to really engage with young people and had a real passion.

While looking and contacting various people I came across the information for Ocean Revival 2020 and when I read more I thought I really had to contact these guys. Anybody who knows us knows that military charities and causes are close to our heart. Even closer are the Royal Marines as Sam our youngest son joined up at the tender age of 16 and we have never been prouder than on that day when we watched him receive his green beret and become a bootneck.

When I initially contacted Matt, a member of the group, it was no surprise to me that he was passionate and enthusiastic about the idea of a link. When I fancied trying a blog tour for the book I wanted a different angle in one of the reviews and it seemed perfect that Matt was involved as he has the perspective from the organisations point of view but he also a dad to Harry and newborn George.

The main reason for involving the group in the blog tour is to get their info out as wide and far as possible because what these guys are doing is little short of amazing. Here's the ethos statement from their Website just to give you some background

Ocean Revival 2020 Our Ethos

Plastic in our Oceans is an astronomical problem that is hugely effecting the ecological systems that are vital not just to Marine Life but also Human. According to ‘Science Journal’, 12.7 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans every year, causing havoc with our oceans food systems and Marine Life, and the problem is only getting worse.

OCEAN REVIVAL 2020 is a team of serving and former serving Royal Marine Commandos, who have fought alongside each other in 45 Commando. They have now teamed up to take the fight against plastic by rowing across the North Atlantic Ocean, rowing a route that has never been completed before and one that is statistically the most dangerous and arduous ocean row to attempt.

Ocean Revival 2020 is fighting back by attempting to raise awareness and help keep momentum in the fight against plastic in our oceans; a fight the team would love you to join them on.

So here are their links. Please have a look at what they're doing because it's really amazing and they would love your support.



Matt's review

I got the book, Monty and the Ocean Rescue; A Plastic Disaster for my 20-month-old son, Harry, a boy who loves his books, especially ones with animals and lots of colours! The book is beautifully illustrated offering children colours and animals galore as each page takes them on a journey over an ocean, showcasing marine wildlife through the wonderful eyes of Monty.

But this book is great for another reason, it is highlighting and educating our children on the impact of plastic on our marine environments, depicting issues in a very real way. It’s a book that I reach for straight away at bed time as I feel that although my son is only 20 months old, it really does help highlight the very real and current issues in a playful way, a way that Harry can understand.

Monty and the Ocean Rescue is a children’s book I cannot recommend enough. Colourful and playful yet delivering an important message to our children about plastic pollution, it offers huge value for money. I will certainly be getting more books concerning Monty and his adventures!

Matt Mason

Ocean Revival 2020 North Atlantic Row Team


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