She's back....and it's kinda scary

You may remember before cwissymouse the heffalump hurt her leg. Well everyone was saying poor hippo....get well soon slobbernosserus and she was getting lots of attention. Well I'm never one to get jealous at not being centre of attention.....What???? I'm not....I'm caring and generous to everyone in the house.

Anyways it was going on a bit, all this simpyfee but then I realised she had gone quiet. Her leg was hurting so she had to be kept separate and all of a sudden I saw this hooge cloud with a silver lightning. Even when she saw me she was feeling so sorry for herself she just limped past and all of a sudden life was good.

Then she had her hoppyration and she still had to be kept away from the rest of us. My days were filled with snoozing unjumped on....pottering round the garden wivout wearing a hooge brown four-legged sticky backpack. Even when she was allowed back to normal she was quieter....different....uncookielike....GREAT, I fort, she's changed forevererererer.

Then the uvver week she started her hydroferrypee to make her leg betterererer again and OH MY DOG...she's back. She's not just back she's level 2 hairyhippo.....extra level tiggerterrorist.....she's cookzilla....tyrananewf....and when have ever known me to heggsaggerate? Never, that's when....not in a million trillion years have I ever done that....No.

So please can you just stop the swimmy stuff now....I want the hoppalump back again.....PLEASE....

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