The Plastic Disaster blog tour

There is no way that I'd consider myself a social media whizz but I do like to keep up with the latest ways to promote the books. When I kept seeing blog tours on my twitter feed I decided to find out more and when Monty and the Ocean Rescue was released I decided to give it a go.

For those, like me, with very little understanding of the concept it's basically an intensive short period of reviews by book bloggers. Each reviewer gets a date and they publish their thoughts on the book on their given day and that's pretty much it.

Obviously the most important thing was to contact enough bloggers to make it viable and despite putting out many tweets I was not really getting anywhere and decided maybe this wasn't for me. At this point the very kind Stacey of Whispering Stories blog stepped in and asked if I could do with some help. Well 'some help' turned out to be pretty much organising the whole blog tour and within a day or so she had 'signed up' a further 12 people to make the #plasticdisaster blog tour a viable proposition.

My job was to now send the reviewers a copy of the book, an author bio and some pics and links to make the write up look as attractive as possible and of course hopefully help promote the book to a wider audience.

So on 13th May our inaugural blog tour began and I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who took part and made the time to write the lovely reviews. To Stacey of Whispering stories a hooge thank you for everything you did to make this happen, it's very much appreciated.

Apart from the bloggers I wanted to include something from some of the wonderful organisations we're really proud to be working with on this book. Matt from Ocean Revival 2020 kindly agreed to give the book a write up from his perspective and I've included this with some links to the amazing initiative they have going on.

I have included the link below to everyone's review and they are worth the read. It's also worth following these fantastic book review blogs as it's a great source information for your next great read. Thanks everyone.

Monday 13th May

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Saturday 18th May

Sunday 19th May


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