The story of Scrooge with a canine twist......

A Mont’s Cwissymouse Carol

Part 1 – Not a nice man

It was a dark cold day in early December

The fire was dying it was only an ember

We had no more coal, so we sat in the frost

We weren't allowed more - by order The Boss

This was the scene as dogs shivered together

Too poor to stay warm in the cold winter weather

Food too was scarce it was seen as much waste

They survived every day with barely a taste

My job was to help in the dog’s home each day

But the hours were long and there was little pay

I had a family to feed I was over a barrel

This is my story.... It's a Mont’s Cwissymouse carol

In cages so bare they peered out with sad eyes

And at night I was haunted by their pitiful cries

The boss was a cruel man who loved only one thing

The cash that these poor little doglets could bring

He pretended to rescue them, but it was fake

It was all about how much profit he could make

He would find them or steal them and then ask for a fee

He was the rottenest hooman it was possible to be

Some he would keep, and they would be bred

All alone in the yard in a cold and dark shed

Puppy after puppy the poor girls produced

Underfed and neglected they were badly abused

Tiny Tim the Chihuahua was so feeble and thin

The way he was treated was really a sin

I was worried about what his future would bring

So, I sneaked extra food for the poor licckle thing

Three days before cwissymouse the boss had a visit

Mr Scrooge, they said do you object if we sit?

We wanted to talk about the sick and the poor

We felt that you’d want to donate some for sure

Well the Boss wasn’t happy and told them quite clear

People wanting his money weren’t welcome round here

He showed them the door and slammed it behind

I did tell you this wasn’t a hooman who’s kind

All day I had summoned the courage to ask

For a day off at cwissymouse it was a horrible task

He tutted and grumbled and looked with a frown

And when he finally spoke he brought his fist down

A day off? What all day? And paid for as well?

He agreed but I knew that he’d make my life hell

The dogs would go hungry as I wouldn’t be there

He wouldn’t do it because he just didn’t care

Part 2 – A plan is hatched

I could stand it no more I needed a plan

I just had to try and change this rotten man

That night at home I just couldn’t sleep

I had made myself a promise and it was one I must keep

I needed some help that much was very clear

But who could make him shake with dread and with fear

There was only one person that I knew I could trust

Enter Cookie bear aka hairy slobbernosserus

The plot had been hatched and everything it was set

But my lips are sealed I can’t spoil this tale yet

You’ll soon see if it my plan was one that worked out

Good stories are designed to keep you all in doubt

At six o clock on that cold cwissymouse Eve

And just before it was time for me to leave

I asked to give the doglets some nice festive treats

More food or even just some much needed heat

Scrooge said just go home I’ve had enough of you

You want a Day off and then being wasteful too

‘Happy Christmas sir’ I just saw him shrug

And then replied grumpily …ah bah humbug

Scrooge locked up on that night and headed home

Nothing out of the ordinary just him there alone

As he let himself in he felt suddenly strange

He couldn’t quite say but something had changed

Soon that became clear and did he make a fuss

When he came face to face with the slobbernosserus

Soon fear took over and he listened intently

As this hooge hairy beast explained surprisingly gently

This night you’ll be visited three times, listen up

Cos these will be very educational pups

Take their advice this isn’t a threat

Or at least we haven’t got to that point just yet

Part 3 – Night visitors (Cwissymouse past)

That night our villain found sleep not too easy

He tossed and turned in his bed and felt pretty queasy

At last he slept but it wasn’t too well

Then suddenly he woke at the midnight bell

Out of the shadows a figure appeared

Curly of coat and dangly eared

The creature finally spoke at last

'I'm Molly the spangle of cwissymouse past'

You need to follow me, this strange visitor said

And to the wide-open window our villain was led

She flew outside, but he wouldn't budge

But the slobbernosserus was there with a nice gentle nudge

Through the dark star-filled night they flew and they flew

Then they came on a familiar scene old scrooge knew

A boy sat crying alone for his loss

Yes, this sweet heartbroken child was now my cruel boss

His dog had passed and it was his only friend

He felt at that moment his heart could not mend

Then into the room his father appeared

A humourless cold man with a long wispy beard

He mocked his son told him that he should grow up

Be a man and stop crying over the loss of a pup

He threw down some money on the bed by the boy

And sneered…’ Here, get yourself another toy’

Scrooge saw the scene, watched himself grieve

He wanted to get home, he just wanted to leave

Molly spangle saw clearly his pain and his woes

Come on she said softly now it’s time to go

Part 4 – Night visitors (Cwissymouse present)

Scrooge woke in bed just a dream he thought

It must have been those couple of glasses of port

But as he dozed he was in for a shock

As the church bell rang again this time One o clock.

Once again came a creature right next to his bed

This time it was younger and brown coated instead

As night visitors go this one seemed quite pleasant

I’m Bailey he said the spangle of cwissymouse present

Off to the window the two of them went

This time he accepted didn’t need to be sent

Once more through the night they travelled together

Unaffected by gravity or the harsh winter weather

They came to a house with a family sat round

They peered through the window not making a sound

What he saw wasn’t joy from those sat round the tree

But tears and unhappiness that was easy to see

‘Has somebody died?’ Scrooge asked almost concerned

No, their pet dog went missing and hasn’t returned

He’s probably locked up in a cage all alone

While his family are frantic and worried at home

Come on said his host there is more yet to see

But Scrooge wasn’t happy ‘why do you torture me?’

Can I change what I’m seeing or is it written in stone

I promise I’ll change if you let me go home

Bailey ignored him and beckoned him come

This time when they landed Scrooge was silent and glum

They were watching a party and the guests laughed and joked

These were family of Scrooge, he looked on as they spoke

Well we asked him to come but we do every year

But humbug was his answer his feelings were clear

He’d rather stay home and just count all his money

And they teased him and joked that old Scrooge he was funny

Just take me home now pleaded Scrooge near to tears

Now looking much older than his sixty-two years

Once again, he awoke in his own bed at home

But this time he knew that he wasn’t alone

Part 5 – Night visitors (Cwissymouse future)

The bell had struck two and he waited in dread

As slowly a figure moved close to the bed

I’m poppy she said but he could say nothing

I’m the spangle that will show you what the future will bring

He obediently followed now so used to the script

Into the night sky they silently slipped

They travelled for minutes or was it for hours

Time just seemed to freeze so great were her powers

Then all of a sudden, they were there on the ground

And from every direction was a piercing sound

Carried on the night air were the terrified screams

Of dogs locked in cages and their nightmarish dreams

It was where Scrooge made his money the place built on greed

Where a dog never knew when the next time he’d feed

The old man looked around at what he had created

And in an instant, he knew it was himself that he hated

Please stop this I’ll change I promise right now

I won’t let this happen I’ll stop it somehow

But Poppy had more and determined was she

Though she knew that the old man was deep in misery

They moved through a crowd and as the view became clear

They were stood by a graveside and Poppy drew him near

She pointed to him and he peered at the stone

When he read out the inscription he let out a moan

Tiny Tim he lies here put by one man’s neglect

And Poppy knew immediately this had had the right effect

Scrooge sank to his knees and he cried in the night

‘I’m sorry for every poor doglets sad plight’

I’m sorry he screamed and he sobbed real tears

Not like anything he had experienced for years

He was that boy once again who lost his best friend

And he knew in this instant his bad deeds he would mend

Part 6 – Cwissymouse. A new day

When he opened his eyes, daylight flooded his room

And he flung open the window now free from his gloom

Down below stood a boy and old scrooge shouted, Hey!

What date is it lad have I missed cwissymouse day?

No, it’s cwissymouse day said the boy it’s today

I have an errand for you that will handsomely pay

Scrooge said do you know of the butchers at the end of the street

Please get me the big free-range turkey for my dogs to eat

Scrooge threw down the money but it hit the boys head

And instead of going shopping he sued him instead

When he finally thought that his deeds were spot on

He had a summons from injury lawyer’s dot com

Despite all of the hiccups the day still went well

The turkey was bought and the pups had their fill

Scrooge kept to his word and from that day to this

He kept to that three spangle cwissymouse promise

He made it his mission to find homes for forever

And starvation and cold was something felt never

He opened a rescue and it was the best it could be

And those old rusty cages were mere history

Heated beds and great food with kindness and love

It’s like Mr Scrooge had an almighty shove

But even though he got persuaded with fear

Hoomans can change and the proof is right here

You may be left wondering what happened to me

Well I got a pay rise and Tiny Tim is happy

It was team effort and we tried a new angle

With a slobbernosserus and three well-meaning spangles

Money is fine but it isn’t what’s real

It’s much more important how you make people feel

We should all spread some kindness we should all spread some love

Or you too could end up with a slobbernosserus shove

Finally, this is the end of my tale

I hope that it’s always the good that prevail

That my message of kindness will hopefully travel

And that you enjoyed the Mont’s cwissymouse carol


©  2017 Monty Dogge created and copyrighted